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Tricky situation..need some help

Question asked by sandb8_b on Jun 14, 2015

We have integrated VS with handset (physical) and the virtualisation is immedialy one layer below this. The need from customer was to test different handset and builds from pipline with virtual service before code was sent to to fully integrated environment. 


I have been facing some issues and need your expert advice.


Traffic from handset makes several REST calls and expects responses, will try to explain this in best possible way by ignoring the Argument and Meta that is not required for the conversation. All below calls are in single image and chained as per the order from the responses received.


  1. POST /call : Response code 201 returned with unique id {UserId} which
    needs to be passed in next 4 calls
  2. PUT /call/{UserId}/ :- Response code 202
  3. POST /call/{UserId}/A/ :- Returns 200
  4. PUT /call/{UserId}/B/ : Retunrs 200
  5. PUT /call/{UserId}/ :- Returns 200


Challenges I am seeing are


  1. When app makes first call I need to filter the {UserId} and pass it on to next operation- I have added JSON filter to the response but call fails during 2nd operation as response doesn't have {UserId}
  2. Image has same 2 nos of operation with different response codes i.e 2 and 5, once step 1-4 are completed app calls step 5 but here by default its calling 2 which is not what it should do, so will need to add logic to call step 5 when 2 is done.


I will not be able to share the test as its on secure network...Appreciate some pointers from some experts out there