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Oracle 11g DB instances failover in SM policy servers

Question asked by Neha Gupta on Jun 15, 2015
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I have a scenario where I need to configure two oracle 11g DB instances in SiteMinder policy servers as failover DB instances. These DB instances are configured in RAC mode and primary having write access and secondary in read mode.


I know below are two ways with which these two DB instances can be configured as failover instances at SiteMinder end:




1.By creating 2 DSN and use the Policy Server AdminUI to configure the Failover



2. User the ODBC Driver FailOver capabilities to manage failover and especially the alternate servers option.


Both options are valid, the first one is the one that is managed by the policy server and the second by the DataDirect/Progress driver that we ship with the product.


Can you help me in understanding which option is more feasible and should be followed for configurations and why?