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Financial Summary - Add additional attributes that will follow other variable behaviors when Budget Equals Planned values is checked

Question asked by EG27 on Jun 15, 2015
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We are running 14.2.


I would like to add to the Financial Summary following Attributes:

-Planned Sales at Matury

-Budgeted Sales at Maturity

I did create both Attribute under project object


Can someone tell me how I can have the "Budgeted Sales at Maturity" Refresh with the "Planned Sales at Maturity" when the "Budget equals Planned" Value is check.  I would also like the Budgeted  Sales at Maturity locked when the "Budget Equal Planned" box  is checked.


What would be the best practice here, should I create a new process for this or should I modify the out-of-the box process to take into consideration this additionnal variable.


I would have an additional very basic question: Is there a way to find all process that do affect a specific attribute? example if I would like to find all the process that affect the "Budgeted_NPV" variable...

Thank you,