Hiring APM Resources

Discussion created by BJenksMSU on Jun 16, 2015

My employer is in the process of implementing an initial Application Performance Management (APM) solution; currently preparing to issue a request for proposal to several APM vendors.  We are looking to hire an APM technical position (permanent, full-time) from outside to complement internal technical staff, and have the following questions for anyone that is in a similar situation/has already implemented an APM solution/is familiar with hiring APM resources:


1.  What companies and/or other resources are/were helpful for finding people with APM skills/backgrounds?


2.  What specific skills were identified as being desired or ideal for persons tasked with supporting an APM solution, and onboarding new applications to the solution?


3.  Other thoughts/suggestions related to acquiring an APM technical resource?


Thank you in advance for any responses to these questions.