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Running DF publish in batch mode

Question asked by MK1 on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by dovle01

Team, I am looking for some guidance to run DF publish in batch mode from any other tool like QTP/QC or from machine where DF is not installed. I have a usecase to integrate DF with the automation suite which is prepared using QTP.

I was trying with Control XML and batch script. I have these two scripts with me and this runs file on DF machine.

I have to initiate this data preparation from other machine where QTP will run. I need guidance

1. where these two files + csv should be residing

2. How  DF would be accessed, will it be thru network path from second machine

3. Does DF folder needs to be shared to access. What other grants on machine are needed

4.  What changes need to be done in paths in these file-control and batch script

5. I have to publish data in file. How can I parameterize the name of the output file. IN the control XML i am not able to map publish filename to nay of the tags.


I tried few things but not able to trigger. Please suggest if there is any other way to run this.