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Create a new report metric

Question asked by samanmirbaha on Jun 17, 2015

Hi All,


Just like how LISA itself stores the average of transactions per second and response times every 5 minutes within the derby database table called VSE_METRICS_PERIODICS, I would like to do the same thing, but for another parameter (size of the incoming request).


I'm not picky whether this new parameter is saved within the same derby table or a file or another user defined table within derby.


Since I want this information for load testing, I prefer not to include the step in vsm as it will slow down the process. I'd rather develop the code using Eclipse and DevTest libraries and deploy it in hotDeploy sub folder of my LISA_HOME.


I found online that I need to use MetricIntegration and MetricCollector classes from the following url: Create a New Report Metric - DevTest Solutions - 8.0 - CA Wiki

However, there is not much information as to how all the required methods need to be overridden and there is no sample code for them under my doc folder in DevTest_HOME. Please suggest a solution.