CA Usability Survey for Level-1 Support Analysts

Discussion created by RogerMorse Employee on Jun 17, 2015

CA is conducting a survey designed to get input on the outcomes a Level-1 Support Analyst desires.


Feedback through this survey will help us to create a solution experience that is designed to serve the Level-1 Support Analyst better.


Please share this survey with your organization's Level-1 Support Analysts that use CA Service Management.  Additionally, if your organization uses non-CA tools such as Salesforce or PeopleSoft, we would be very interested in having those types of Level-1 Analysts also complete the survey. The more input we receive, the stronger the potential results.


The survey asks participants to rate possible outcomes on the IMPORTANCE to their work as a Level-1 Support Analyst, and how SATISFIED the current solution addresses the outcomes.  There are no right or wrong answers.


Thank you for your assistance in getting this survey into the hands of your organization's Level-1 Support Analysts.  We look forward to the feedback!


The CA Service Management Team