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I need to create a time measurement report in SDM for all the requests monthly

Question asked by Angel_Mejia on Jun 17, 2015
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My name is Angel Mejia, I´m from Mexico City and in my company we need to generate monthly a new custom report that has, and must get the below information:


We have since the beginning:
  - Opening date of the request
  - Closing date of the request
  - SLA time limit for the request


We need to get a custom report with:
  - Total time since opening to closing of the request
  - Total non-operating time (elapsed time in non-operating hours)
  - Total operating time (elapsed time in working hours)
  - Total timeout (elapsed time after reaching the SLA time limit)
  - Additional equipment change time (Time awarded  to "SLA time limit" when the custom field "Requires equipment change" is changed to: Yes)
  - Custom field that defines whether the ticket must be penalized or not due to timeouts (Once the SLA time limit was reached ,if exists more elapsed time, the ticket will be penalized, unless the custom field "Requires equipment change" is changed to: Yes, the ticket is not penalized)


I hope that anybody can help me with this custom report into SDM.

Thank you so much for your attention.