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How to send http request through Lisa Test

Question asked by SanjayG18 on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by ellma10

I am using Lisa 7.5 version and able to send raw SOAP request by going to Web/Web Services->Raw Soap Request option.

But how can I send http requests?


Here my application (B)  is middleware and is conncted like this:  A<----(HTTP)------->B<-------(Soap/http)------>C

I need to remove dependecy on application 'A' and application 'C' is already virtualized via Lisa.

In order to remove dependency on application 'A' I want to trigger these http requests using 'Lisa'.


How can I trigger HTTP request via Lisa?  Please note that B is not a traditional web application and it is middleware.


example of payload send from A to B is like this :


<ROUTCTL Type="aggsect">





<TTM Type="aggsect">