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INvalid User in Credential Tab

Question asked by Sunish_CA on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2015 by Sunish_CA

i am getting invalid user in WCC under Credential tab.

As per process or prerequisites, i have done the following but still its says INVALID.

1. i have created that user in EEM under "WCC004" Application and made that user a member of Administrator user Group.

2. After this, i have used this user as MONITOR ID in WCC, while configuring AUtosys SERVER in WCC under Config Tab and able to define the server succesfully, but when i am trying to validate the same user in CREDENTIAL TAB, it says INVALID and due to which i am unable to execute any commands usng ECLI tab and getting OPERATION Cannot be Performed.

3. As an extra step, i have added the same user in autosys_secure under Manage User@host. The only difference is that in autosys_secure its mentioned as USER@DOMAIN NAME, but IN EEM its just mentioned as USER. I believe and as per my experience, this extra step will only help me to run  the jobs with that userid and is not effecting user in Credential tab.

Is there something missing or wrongly done. Please help me.


We are using AUTOSYS R11.3.6Sp1, with WCC R11.3.6.1 and EEM Release: