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Unique ID for Idea and Project

Question asked by AntonioMatheuATinoco62351557 on Jun 19, 2015
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How can I maintain the same "ID" of an "Idea" into a "Project" that was converted from "Idea" to "Project"?

There is an attribute on the "Idea" object that maps to the column CODE of table INV_INVESTMENTS.

The value of this attribute is auto-generated.


At the "Project" object there is also an attribute that maps to the same column CODE of table INV_INVESTMENTS.

If I set project code attribute to be auto generated, then when I convert the Idea into a Project, the codes will be different.

If I set project code atrribute NOT to be auto generated, I get an error at my convertion process: "Unable to generate the ID. Automatic numbering of the project is required."


Is there a way to have the same IDs in Idea and in Project?


Thank you.