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Need to Print a Page from the Doc Wiki?

Question asked by hufje04 Employee on Jun 25, 2015

We've received some questions about printing topics in the Doc Wiki


Here are a few steps:


PDF Format

To print a PDF, open the page, then click the Print PDF button in the upper right corner. The printing begins with the page you are viewing and contains any child pages. For example:

  • If you are on the Install Java Agent page and click the Print PDF button, the complete Java agent installation section prints.
  • If you are on the Silent Install page and click the Print PDF button, only the Silent Install page prints.


EPUB Format

Printing in an EPUB format requires an EPUB reader or browser plugin. The feature works identical to printing a PDF format.


In addition, an APM Administrator can install the product document for offline user access. The details are located on the Install the CA APM Product Documentation for Offline User Access page in the Getting Started section.