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What does SAFe Gold Level Partnership mean to 14.2?

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by Dale_Stockman

Today, watched video from April where SAFe Gold Level partnership was announced in the context of 14.2.  Something about Lean/Agile practices applied to portfolio management.


What does this means in actual terms of 14.2?  Are there new portlets, reports, processes, etc. or modified instances of such things, affected by this new partnership, in 14.2?


We are on 13.1, moving to 14.2.  The big changes for us, that I'm aware of, are the addition of waterline views, performance improvements and removal of the number of investments one can have in a portfolio.  Have not yet been informed on what impact SAFe partnership has yielded.  Perhaps, the partnership is only announced, now, and  the affects will show up in revs past 14.2?


Putting a presentation together for management review, on the changes/benefits of 14.2 - will leave this topic off if I can't find an answer.