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ITAM SAM Database Connection Failure

Question asked by mroy2.2 on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by mroy2.2

Encountered a DB connection issue with ITAM SAM 12.8. Recommendation was to move to 12.9. Yet the same error message occurs with 12.9 setup implying that SAM is unable to reach the database, yet database is fully reachable.



  • DB = MS SQL 2008
  • No firewall rules between SAM server and DB Server.
  • Server: Win 2K8 R2



  • SAM is unable to successfully connect to database.
  • I am able using either SQL tools or "TestDatabase.UDL" file to manually connect to the SAM DB and also query said DB tables.
  • There are no firewalls blocking any traffic between SAM/DB servers.


Unknown: What exactly is causing the issue...


Screen cap of result during processing.





Has anyone seen this error message before? Any obscure logs I should be checking?