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1252 SP1 wamui Registration on Multiple Policy Servers running 1252 SP1

Question asked by Sanjay_Katkar on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by Sanjay_Katkar
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My goal is to have multiple standalone WAMUI's registered with same policy store.


I am able to register WAMUI successfully after 1st policy server installation. Then i moved to second server and attempted to register with "-adminui-setup" and never got it successfully registered. On the 1st policy server, I had external LDAP Admin authentication enabled  which i thought could be issue. So I followed the steps below.


1. Delete Trusted Hosts and Sm-Admins

2. Delete SM-Admin-Directory

3. Run XPSSweeper


Start PS and JBoSS server. And then faced issues with even login with siteminder id on 1st policy server. So now WAMUI console is Down on both SM 1252 SP1 policy servers.


I did almost all the possible documented steps to recover from issue but unable to register WAMUI on any server.


I am always getting "Agent API Failure".


Just to give background about SM 1252 SP1 install,


1. I am installing Policy Server and WAMUI in New Directory on each server.

2. Initialize New LDAP Policy Store as standard steps

3. Install WAMUI

4. Register WAMUI with New Policy Store, upon confirmation bring down policy server

5. Point Policy server to old Live Policy Store instance.

6. Install XPSDD

7. Import XPS Policy

8. Delete Data folder from WAMUI,

8. Now Attempt to register and it works sometimes or not.


I am very curious with Agent Api Failure messages, and  looking for some advise here.