Tech Tip - CA Data Protection: Working with x-headers

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CA Data Protection Tech Tip by Andrew Devine, Senior Support Engineer for 30 June 2015


Some applications add additional information to mail headers to help catalog or categorize events. 


For example;

Some mail gateways will check mail traffic against blacklists or spam filters and update the mail header accordingly i.e. x-spam:false

Some mail archive solutions have rules to determine whether an event should been included in the archive or not, i.e. x-archive: true 

Or in-house applications may add x-header information to indicate a mass mailing or other usage.  The example below shows a custom x-header called 'x-my-test'



CA Data Protection can detect custom header information and it can be used to shape the outcome of a policy trigger.  This is achieved by employing an XML Attribute Data Lookup command. 


The following examples illustrates an XML Attribute lookup command for detecting an Email X-header containing an x-header named 'x-my-test'


xmlattr WHERE apm/event/email/header/item[@name='x-my-test'] CONTAINS "*"


The illustration below shows the xmlattr lookup being used in a data lookup command associate with a recipient trigger, but it could be used in other triggers (i.e. Search Text, Document Classifier, etc.).