Tech Tip: CA Privileged Identity Manager - PIM 12.9 "sepmd -p" DMS__ , DH__ and DH__WRITER status

Discussion created by gouch01 Employee on Jun 30, 2015

With Privileged Identity Manager 12.9 Enterprise Manager server on linux, this is to demonstrate "sepmd -p"  Deployment Map Server (DMS) and Distribution Host (DH) status.


./opt/CA/AccessControlServer/APMS/AccessControl/bin/sepmd -p : List the Policy Models resident  (DMS__ , DH__ , DH__WRITER) and their status.


# /opt/CA/AccessControlServer/APMS/AccessControl/bin/sepmd -p
CA ControlMinder sepmd v12.90.0.942 - Policy Model management

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Policy Model                   Status
=============           =======
DH__                             loaded
DH__WRITER                loaded
DMS__                          loaded



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