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rsp probe not connecting to some Linux 2.6 systems

Question asked by mohi_13 on Jul 1, 2015
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I have issue with rsp probe connecting to some of systems( Avaya CM). I am able to connect through ssh tools but not with rsp probe , I tired mulitple versions of RSP but did'nt work. I help on same..




Jul  1 11:12:07:797 [7816] rsp: thrDiscoverHost: Discovering OS

Jul  1 11:12:07:797 [7816] rsp: connect_ssh: do ssh_connect for host 192.168.xx.xx

Jul  1 11:12:07:920 [7816] rsp: authenticate: try to authenticate

Jul  1 11:12:07:927 [7816] rsp: authenticate: authenticate methods: 20

This system is restricted solely to authorized users for legitimate business    

purposes only. The actual or attempted unauthorized access, use or modifications

of this system is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized users are subject to 

company disciplinary procedures and or criminal and civil penalties under state,

federal or other applicable domestic and foreign laws.

The use of this system may be monitored and recorded for administrative and 

security reasons. Anyone accessing this system expressly consents to such 

monitoring and recording, and is advised that if it reveals possible evidence 

of criminal activity, the evidence of such activity may be provided to law 

enforcement officials.

All users must comply with all corporate instructions regarding the protection 

of information assets.

Jul  1 11:12:07:927 [7816] rsp: Authentication failed for host 192.168.xx.xx

Jul  1 11:12:07:927 [7816] rsp: thrDiscoverHost: Connection attempt with 192.168.xx.xx failed.

Jul  1 11:12:07:927 [7816] rsp:  Time taken in discovering 192.168.xx.xx=5

Jul  1 11:12:07:927 [7816] rsp: SREPLY: status = 3(invalid argument) ->192.168.xx.yy(HUB)/58354

Jul  1 11:12:07:927 [7816] rsp: do_disconnect: starting disconnect

Jul  1 11:12:07:927 [7816] rsp: do_disconnect: no connection

Jul  1 11:12:07:927 [7816] rsp: CleanDatabaseObject: Closing the local db connection

Jul  1 11:12:07:927 [7816] rsp: FreeConnection: Connection released

Jul  1 11:12:08:040 [7900] rsp: GetDatabaseObject: ECS

Jul  1 11:12:08:040 [7900] rsp: insert_into_database: Time taken bteween transaction start and Job queue pop finished=0,0.000000