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14.2 Upgrade Error

Question asked by CMCN1982 on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Pratipurna.panda

Hi all,


I am upgrading our Dev environment to version 14.2 from the 13.1 version.


I completed all of the recommended pre-upgrade activities, upgraded my Java to 1.7.0_67 and set the correct PATH. I also upgraded my Tomact version to apache-tomcat-7.0.55


The pre-install check highlighted a few warnings but nothing which I had not seen when I upgraded our Sandbox to 14-2.


So I proceeded with the installation.


After about ten minutes the install fails with the following:



D:\niku\temp\v14-2\gateway.xml:34: The following error occurred while executing

this line:

D:\niku\temp\v14-2\install.xml:259: The following error occurred while executing

this line:

D:\niku\temp\v14-2\install.xml:439: The following error occurred while executing

this line:

D:\niku\temp\v14-2\install.xml:483: No message


When I check the install.log file I see:


7/01/15 6:29 AM (Echo) D:\niku\temp\v14-2\install-packages\13.2.0\upgrade-repack.\install.xml:258: Fatal error occurred while trying to process d:\niku\clarity_prev or d:\niku\clarity

7/01/15 6:29 AM (Echo)

7/01/15 6:29 AM (Echo) Total time: 10 minutes 11 seconds

7/01/15 6:29 AM (UnknownElement) Task "fail" finished with error.

D:\niku\temp\v14-2\install.xml:873: The upgrade step for 13.2.0 failed. Please consult the

                 D:\niku\temp\v14-2\install-packages\13.2.0\upgrade-repack. for that release package."


The install.log file is attached.

I am currently restoring my db and application backups.


Can anyone please suggest a reason for this upgrade failure and how I can avoid it in my next attempt?