Tuesday Tip - Dealing with CA Business Intelligence - Service Desk Manager reports in Localized environments

Discussion created by Raghu.Rudraraju Employee on Jul 1, 2015
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Hi everyone,

Rather late in the week for Tuesday, yet setting this as a Tuesday tip.

This is about raising awareness on a key item about CA Business Intelligence (CABI) 4.x - Service Desk Manager (SDM) Reports from Localization stand point.  The requirement for CA SDM Reports in CABI 4.x environment is that one should have:


1) Windows OS where CABI is being installed, HAS to be English

2) CABI installation can be done with English +  appropriate locale (ex: French)

3) Users utilizing a browser against CABI reports should:

a. Have the Browser added with appropriate locale (ex: French) to it

b. Infoview/CMC preferences should be set to below (after logging into CABI via a Browser)

1) Set CABI Preferences -> Product Locale to Browser Locale

2) Set CABI Preferences -> Preferred Viewing Locale to Browser Locale

3) Logoff of Invoview/CMC  and login again.



This is the only way in which our reports are known to work properly. Or else you may see errors like below:Unknown Database Connector


Our Supportability Matrix  wiki has the O/S requirement documented already.  But thought it might help someone looking into similar requirements.