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Help need on metric grouping

Question asked by DhamuSasidharan on Jul 2, 2015
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Thanks in advance!


I need to monitor a webservice API's "URL/mobilwebservice/signOn", I could see the "Frontends\|Apps((?!\|URLs).)*:Average Response Time \(ms\)" reported with values, but I need the value for the particular webservice "signOn". While I trace I could see "Frontends\|Apps\|mobilewebservice\|URLs\|Default\|doFilter\|/mobilewebservice/signOn:Average Response Time \(ms\)" having values.


But when I try to create Metric Expressions as Frontends\|Apps\|mobilewebservice\|URLs\|Default\|doFilter\|.*:Average Response Time \(ms\) it failed to load data.