Announcing the CA UIM CA APM Gateway Probe 2.0 Solution Validation Program – Please join us!

Discussion created by MelissaPotvin Employee on Jul 2, 2015

CA Technologies is pleased to announce the CA UIM CA APM Gateway Probe 2.0 Solution Validation Program and invite you to participate! 


It’s easy to apply, just click here:


The Program:

This solution validation program is scheduled to begin in July 2015. If you are selected to participate, you will test this solution communicating directly with the CA Solutions team to provide feedback on enhancements, quality and more. Your contribution relates directly to the success of the generally available (GA) release and helps to ensure that we deliver solutions that are ready to meet your real-world requirements.


The Solution:

The CA UIM CA APM Gateway Probe is a CA UIM Probe that allows users to select and send any CA UIM QoS metric to CA APM for use on CA APM Dashboards.  This solution combines application performance metrics (from CA APM) with infrastructure performance metrics (from CA UIM) providing a unified, end-to-end view of how the critical IT services are performing.



  • Broad Set of Monitoring Capabilities: Thousands of infrastructure metrics from CA UIM are now available to CA APM. CA UIM has more than 140 probes and monitors that collect metrics information; this solution extracts the selected metric information and forwards it to CA APM for use in CA APM dashboards.
  • Preconfigured Monitoring: For a fast and easy installation, the solution includes certificated configurations for 19 of the probes most widely used with CA APM.
  • Easy Filtering: Fast and easy way to identify which metrics are being collected in your environment and only select the metrics you want to use in CA APM.



  • Improved Visibility: Get a unified view of application and infrastructure metrics in a single CA APM dashboard.
  • Reduced MTTR: Reduce the time you spend finding the root cause of your application problems.
  • Broad Coverage: Get support for a broad set of application and infrastructure monitoring capabilities in one place.


We look forward to working with you to increase the value of this solution!