The CA Process Automation r4.3 DocOps Platform is Live!

Discussion created by PARBR01 Employee on Jul 7, 2015

We live in an application economy where software development agility is measured in days and hours instead of months.  For this reason, software development, including our CA Technologies development teams, has moved to Agile methodologies. But while Agile and DevOps drove code and test agility, technical content development sometimes lagged. The old-school content supply chain cannot support the business agility that DevOps requires for success. Our new documentation approach, which was conceived and built around the need for an improved customer experience with product information, solves that.


CA Technologies product documentation is evolving from a static bookshelf to a collaborative dynamic documentation wiki with the#DocOps Platform.


We are pleased to announce the availability of CA Process Automation r4.3 on the DocOps Platform. To access the CA Process Automation DocOps Platform:

  1. Type  in your Chrome or Firefox browser.
  2. On the CA Technologies Product Documentation page, click Select Product and begin typing CA Process Automation in the associated field, then click CA Process Automation.

The DocOps Platform is a collaborative environment that lets you:

  • Find answers quickly with intuitive search
    • The search string you enter will search the entire site content for CA CA Process Automation, returning you all instances of the string searched


  • Provide feedback by rating or commenting on any wiki page and receive quick responses

  • Lets CA Technologies evolve documentation continuously based on user feedback
    • Our Information Services resources monitor the site for comments and suggestions. They respond directly on comments and feedback and can resolve your queries and comments as soon as possible.
    • DocOps analytics let CA Technologies get continuous operational feedback and make changes on-the-fly to improve your experience.

  • Export the content to PDF or EPUB documents


As you read and review the pages of the DocOps Platform, CA Technologies encourages you to provide your questions, comments, and concerns. To do so, click Add Comment at the bottom of the relevant page, enter your question or comment in the space provided, and click Save. The CA Process Automation team receives a notification of your comment and will respond as appropriate. We appreciate your interest!


We are very excited about the DocOps Platform because it lets us curate content from internal and external authors throughout the product lifecycle.  Please take a look and let us know what you think!