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Service Catalog Ldap importer

Question asked by Mirec on Jul 7, 2015

Hello Everyone,


I'm trying to configure the ldapimporter properties file, but I have trouble with the mapping. I dont want to synchronize some fields like mobile, location...(imported from other product), but when I delete it from the config below, it will blank the field anyway. The second problem is that I need to fill the alias field with the attribute uid from Active Directrory, I tried ca_alias = uid, but no response. It always blank it too. Is there some magic in here ?


# LDAP Importer will use this mapping to connect LDAP user attributes and catalog user attributes. Attribute before '=' sign is catalog attribute which should not be modified. And attribute after '=' sign is LDAP attribute which can be modified

LDAP.User.MicrosoftAD.Mapping = ca_userName = sAMAccountName \n ca_firstName = givenName \n ca_lastName = sn  \n ca_emailAddress = mail \n ca_workPhoneNumber = telephoneNumber \n ca_company = company \n ca_jobtitle= title \n ca_description = comment