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SharePoint 2013 integration with Siteminder issue

Question asked by cjsimcoxjr on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by CBertagnolli

I've been trying to get SharePoint 2013 and Siteminder 12.52 Sp1 to play nicely together with no success. Despite trying a number of things no matter what identity claim I try and use with SP when I try and authenticate I can see the back and forth between Siteminder and SP and the STS call to issue the new security token but in the ULS viewer but am getting the following error:


"Trusted login provider SAML for SP is not sending the configured input identity claim"


In the siteminder console under the Assertion attributes and namespace sections it clearly specifies the same URL as shown above in the error message.


Any ideas what I'm missing?


Thanks in advance for any ideas!