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Total CPU and Total Memory allocations in Server summary

Question asked by munha03 Employee on Jul 10, 2015

Hi Team,


Tata Sky is one of our marquee UIM and APM customers, and planning to outspread more licenses with CA in other domains like broadband and etc.


Our initial implementation with Tata Sky is DTH Domain, as per the feedback from customer, they are looking for following enhancements, can you please help us in getting through.


Enhancement 1: Total Memory and Total CPU allocations in Server summary, please find attachment 1.


Enhancement 2:  Maximum Y axis scale based on total allocations and plot consumption


Example: If server is allocated with 8 GB RAM, max Y- axis will be 8 GB and consumption will be plotted accordingly. Similarly they want see for Total CPU – so that capacity can be planned easily.


Please find attachment 2.


Regards, Hari M.