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REST API to get a list of all monitored hosts

Question asked by simon987 on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by mckwa01

Hi All,


I have been tasked with getting a list of hosts (servers and networking equipment) mapped to their origins via the API so that we can automatically create the relevant configuration items against customers within our Service Desk application at regular intervals.


While the RESTful API is nice and easy to use, I am not overly familiar with the data structures within UIM. For instance, it is simple enough to pull back a list of hubs, robots and probes, but that still does not give me a list of all the end monitored hosts (those monitored by SNMP for example). There are other calls that may help, but currently the API account does not have the permissions to make those calls.

Our UIM is hosted by a CA partner who have set up an account for us to use, but they have not had much experience with the API.


I see from the documentation there are calls to get account CIs and computer systems.




however, the example output seems to only return an ID for the computer system - are there any calls to then go an retrieve info for those systems, i.e. hostname, ip address, os, etc... ?


Many thanks in advance