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Subpage with display condition

Question asked by urmas on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by urmas

I am working with a subpage with display condition for edit properties view for a custom object in v13.2 with partitions

When I put the display condition there I can still see the subpage name in the drop down of the Properties tab, click it and open it. The fields that are there do not display. The page is blank.

Sorry no screensshots allowed.


A similar subpage in v13.3 and v14.2 sandbox does not display at all in the Properties drop down.


Is there more to it than what I am doing?


P.S. The Studio Develope's guide in v13.2. is not very helpful pointing to itself

  1. (Optional) In the Display Conditions section, click [Define display conditions] to define a set of conditions that determine when the subpage appears. Note: For more information about defining display conditions for subpages, see the Studio Developer's Guide.

v14.2. is better, but does not help in this case

c. (Optional) You can define a set of conditions that determines when the
subpage appears. Click Define display conditions in the Display Conditions