Any plan to  enhance the networking support between product components?

Discussion created by sdetweil2 on Jul 13, 2015
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We want to do dynamic deployment of VSE's and services as part of our CI/CD process and topology.  In another topic I describe how I am doing this roughly using Docker,

but we have run into a snag that I don't think we can overcome.. to make the components appear on the same logical network as the Docker host machine, we have to enable  network adapter promiscuous mode to get the DHCP functions to work..


our and AWS network mgmt are not supportive of this capability.


I have tried weave, but when there are multiple VSE's on the same host, we end up with port collisions and/or the natural port numbers are not available.


is there any plan to support devtest components on different networks using NAT across the interfaces?


this so VSE running in Docker container at, on host is known to registry as being on


if I try to start the VSE now and specify  -n tcp:// as the specific address and name, while running on, the

VirtualServiceEnvironment fails to connect to some local port as expected. (VSE assumes that component is running on the specified host on its normal non-NAT port


with Weave, I can get all the components to talk to each other just fine on their own private virtual network.. but I can't talk to the components from the outside of that network cause of the special port numbers.