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Delay and Repeat Notification Functionality

Question asked by tbeauchemin on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by tbeauchemin

We have been looking at implemented some level of a delay and repeat functionality for notifications. The basic idea is that an alarm comes in and if that alarm exists in the alarm database for X minutes a notification will go out at the same time if that alarm is not accepted/assigned or cleared a second notification will go out every Y intervals. Right now we have been using some combination of Lua scripting and the On Overdue Age and On Interval functions of the AOs. We've had some success with the Lua scripts but have had some strange issues with the nas probe and some of the feedback from CA support is our over use of the scripts. We have also worked with using the AO functionality and the alarm count but since the alarm count is incremented as a function of the probes polling intervals this notifications for the this method or somewhat inconsistent.


I was wondering what if anything anyone else was doing as far as implementing this functionality. If people have found methods of working this through NMS or if they are using outside software to handle the repeat and assignment of notifications/alarms.