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How set loading pattern = fixed in CA PPM V13.2 when uploading project schedule from MS Project Integration

Question asked by Youka on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by vtleogal2

Scenario:  Add a task in MS Project 2007, Task A 5 day duration ( not effort driven), from start date 2015/07/14 to 2015/07/20, assign a business analyst resource 75% allocation.

Save to CA PPM via CA Clarity PPM Integration.

Result:  The loading pattern is "Uniform" when the default was set to "Fixed" and the fix duration is not check marked.

When reopening with MS Project Read-Write, the duration is changed to 1 day and the dates as well.

How can task be created from MS Project Integration, with a fix duration and set allocation, and remain the same when viewing from CA PPM? 

Is the loading pattern default to "Fixed" the right setup?