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Stream corrupted Exception on IDP side while running federation saml2 transaction

Question asked by sinsa14 on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2015 by Kelly Wong

I have configured legacy federation setup R12 SP3 CR12 910 version:

IDP side: Win2k8 32 bit.


Basic siteminder transaction is working fine and later i installed WAOP and AppServer on it, though assertionretriever is working fine, it is giving following error in FWStrace logs while running transaction:


][13:02:34][3396][3504][153a94a0-27b108c1-bf6a8cee-1f8b1552-be8aac3e-b7][][getServiceProviderInfoByID][Tunnel result code: 2.]

][13:02:35][3396][3504][153a94a0-27b108c1-bf6a8cee-1f8b1552-be8aac3e-b7][][getServiceProviderInfoByID][Exception caught in class, method getServiceProviderInfoByID: invalid stream header: 4661696C]

][13:02:35][3396][3504][153a94a0-27b108c1-bf6a8cee-1f8b1552-be8aac3e-b7][][getServiceProviderInfo][Could not find service provider information for sp: sp1 Message: null.]

][13:02:35][3396][3504][153a94a0-27b108c1-bf6a8cee-1f8b1552-be8aac3e-b7][][processRequest][No SAML2 provider information found for SP sp1.]

][13:02:35][3396][3504][153a94a0-27b108c1-bf6a8cee-1f8b1552-be8aac3e-b7][][processRequest][Ending SAML2 Single Sign-On Service request processing with HTTP error 400]

[13:02:35][3396][3504][153a94a0-27b108c1-bf6a8cee-1f8b1552-be8aac3e-b7][][redirectToErrorPage][Sending HTTP Error 403 ]


It seems WAOP is having problem connecting to Policy Server, please suggest what can be done to tackle it.