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CA Siteminder: Basic auth howto

Question asked by zestep on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by Josh Perlmutter

Good day,


I am trying to use CA siteminder to protect a site like, where everything under app/ will be protected by basic forms based auth.


I created a domain object, realm and associated a rule.


When I go to /app I am prompted for credentials, when I provide the credentials from the user-store they are not accepted and the authentication pop-up quickly returns.


How are users added to LDAP policy store?


How might i find logs for the auth process?


I am trying to identify users by uid, and have set-up the user-directory object accordingly. It seems to work, I can use ldapsearch to find users from the commandline.


I can connect to my policy-store and there is clearly an entry for a user - having a userPassword attribute.


I'm using openLDAP as a policy-store, webagent  is running on apache 2.2.X.


Thanks! All input is greatly appreciated.