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Configure Secondary Hub

Question asked by ocpmon on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by David.Moya

Hello everyone.


I have a question about to configure a secondary hub.


We run a Primary hub with more than 100 robots and a secondary hub for the UMP. Everything works fine.

Now we would like to get one more secondary hub for a seperate part of robots - in the Primary hub will be all german robots and in the new secondary will be spain robots.


I installed the new secondary rob like in the documentation ==> Process SAML Authentication

Everything fine.


Now I must configure a tunnel. I did like in the description ==> Nimsoft Probes: hub v7.5

Everything fine.


But after configure the queeus everything goes down - the existing Queues on the Primary hub gets full, the System do an automaticlly hub restart and the tunnel gets automaticlly disconnected.


Do you have any tips? Some good descriptions to set up an secondary hub?


We use the UIM 7.6.


Kind Regards