Tech Tip:  CA Single Sign On: Problem to import metadata file by using the AdminUI

Discussion created by Julien_Nitot Employee on Jul 15, 2015

CA Single Sign-On Tech Tip by Julien Nitot, Sr Support Engineer for July 15 th, 2015



Problem to import metadata file by using the AdminUI:

"Error: Exception trying to extract entities from metadata"


From the Jboss server.log


2015-06-26 12:02:17,696 ERROR [com.ca.federation.adminui.backingbean.federation.ImportMetadataWizardStepListener]

(http-QIAMPSE01V.retecert.postecert%2F10.203.71.244-8443-1) **ERROR** com.ca.fedxps.api.remote.FedXPSException during UI operation.

com.ca.fedxps.api.remote.FedXPSException: com.ca.federation.client.XPSException: Unable to obtain the method. : CA : FED : FEDJAVACALL003

at com.ca.federation.api.remote.FedMetadata.serviceCall(FedMetadata.java:398)




Checking the JVMOptions.txt that should be in <siteminder_install_dir\CA\siteminder\config


It was missing some importand JARs and classes.

Make sure that you are using the corresponding JVMOptions.txt corrresponding to your version.

When you are migrating from one version to another, use the one corresponding to the right version and apply your customization, not use the old JVMOptions.txt