Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On :: Policy server :: SESSION IDENTIFIER in smaccess.log

Discussion created by rahjo01.1 Employee on Jul 15, 2015

##### Tip Description


By default, unlike with ODBC database audit logging, the Policy Server does not log all audit data fields when in text file mode.

To ensure that all data fields are logged while in text file mode, manually add the "Enable Enhance Tracing" registry key and set its value to one.

To disable "Enable Enhance Tracing", set its value to zero (the default).



##### Provided Steps


Configure more Audit data to be logged to a text file


1) Logon to the Policy Server host

2) Open the Siteminder Registry




3) Manually add the following registry key:



Value Name = Enable Enhance Tracing

Value Data = 1

Base = Decimal


4) You will need to restart the Policy Server in order to enable the changes to the registry