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Instrumenting Common Code in Application Server

Question asked by phrodon on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by phrodon

We have several applications running under a single Websphere application server (WAS). Each application has their own pbd file which are all loaded when the server starts. There is common code shared by some of the applications that requires instrumentation. For example:




TraceOneMethodOfClass: com.sample.CommonClass execute BlamePointTracer "app1|{classname}|{method}"




TraceOneMethodOfClass: com.sample.CommonClass execute BlamePointTracer "app2|{classname}|{method}"


In the pbd the investigator tree path is different based on the application (app1 vs app2).


What happens is that if app1 calls this class/method (CommonClass.execute()) the results in the investigator show up under both investigator tree paths (app1 and app2). I would like the results to only show up for the specific application. Is there any way via a directive or tracer or other than can segment common class and methods by their application?