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Help needed on Policy Xpress

Question asked by gurudutthv on Jul 16, 2015
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Need your help in creating a Policy Express which will disable the AD account once Corporate ID is disabled. Here are the steps that i am trying to do and looks like this is not working. Need your guidance and help to show me where i am not getting right.


Statement :


To put an x in front of Display Name. ( Before revoking the Corporate ID the display name reads as CA IDM Test User. After disabling the Corporate user id the display name should read as xCA IDM Test User)


Here are the steps that has been carried out.




Policy Name = Account Termination

Policy Type = Event   

Priority = 0

Enabled =Yes.


Events :


Event State = After

Event Name = DisableUserEvent


Data , Entry Rules & Action Rules

Attached in the screen shot


Need your help in getting this right as VST shows error . After:DisableUserEvent - Failed to execute action 'Account Display Name Update'. Error category 'Validation' with response 'Fail Event'.