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Postgres Tuning

Question asked by andy.erskine on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by Hallett_German

Hi I'd like to open a discussion regarding Postgres and Tuning - what advise is out there regarding Tuning the DB ?


For example i have a scenario with 2 x MOM (1 x DR) and 9 collectors (8 + 1 TIM being fed from 2 x MPM's)


APM 9.7 Postgres currently sitting at 146GB.


Reading the Wiki Process SAML Authentication there doesn't seem to be a great deal covering it,


i've just found another useful doc here :


and that recommends the following but its a few years old for version 9.1


DB Tuning. Set the following in the psql config at :

$PGHOME/database/data/postgresql.conf o max_connections=1000

o effective_cache_size = 1GB o

These property changes will require a restart of postgres


If i use a tool such as


It gives me recommendations as such :



Compare that with what my postgres db is currently set as (OOB) for these values then it certainly appears that some tuning would be advised :


max_connections = 125

shared_buffers = 32MB

#effective_cache_size = 128MB

work_mem = 64MB

maintenance_work_mem = 128MB

checkpoint_segments = 8

#checkpoint_completion_target = 0.5

wal_buffers = 1024kB

#default_statistics_target = 100