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Question on One View Monitor

Question asked by anand3g on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by Josh Perlmutter



I'm looking to install the one view monitor for the first time in my environment. I have 4 Policy servers and various different web agents.


I understand that I need to install one view monitor in one of the 4 policy servers. And have all the other policy servers report to that one.


1. Would I need to make any changes to any ACO parameters for the agents to send monitoring info the policy server?

2. Are 44449 and 44450 the only ports needed (other than the normal ports)? Do they have to be bidirectional? (will the Policy server initiate a connection to the agent? Or will the PS just receive info from the agent?)

3. If I install ServletExec on the PS box, that's enough for the one view monitor? Or will I also need a web server like apache? The documentation says a web server, but I'm wondering what's the purpose of this web server?

4. Will the SPS report in like any other web agent?