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Multiple resource calendars with a standard set of Roles

Question asked by diash01 Employee on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by am1

Hi, there is a need to setup multiple resource calendars as this organisation has multiple locations - Australia (HQ), India, Singapore, Philippines, Singapore etc. We're contemplating setting up multiple resource calendars so that holidays and the varying work shifts are captured and used in capacity/demand calculations. Eg: Australia has 7.5 hrs, Singapore 8 hrs and Hong Kong 8.5 hrs per day.

Roles are generic (across all countries) and are set at 7.5 work shift. I am keen to find out if this would cause any issues once a Role is replaced with a specific resource (which could be potentially based in any country and having a work shift <> 7.5)? DO we setup Roles per country ? I am keen to find out any gotchas. So far I have found that once a Role is replaced with a resource it is represented correctly when measured in FTE's. but obviously in hours it does make a difference.