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Cannot install cluster node for domain orchestrator

Question asked by milan.ziga on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2015 by milan.ziga

When I tried to install cluster node for domain orchestrator I received error Unable to launch the application with details Unable to load resources. I attached error.png for details. We have node1 PAM server 4.2 SP2. The server has two NICs. NIC1 is connected to APP VLAN where other servers like Service Catalog, SDM, etc are running. NIC2 is connected to DB VLAN where SQL server runs. I was able to bind PAM services to NIC1 interface by using jboss.bind.address parameter in (Problem accessing PAM) but jetty is still running on NIC2 interface. Probably this is the reason why I cannot add the second node.


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