CA PPM Tech Tip: Updating Report Tables

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Is the 'Update Business Objects Report' job still required for any Jaspersoft Reports?


    Yes. The Update Business Objects Report Tables job is required for reports that display resource skill relationships.

    The job must be run when a skill is created, deleted, renamed, or modified in any way in the skills hierarchy (Administration/Data Administration-Skills Hierarchy).  It does not have to be run after associating skills to resources.

    All other options for this job are NOT Required because the associated tables for these options are updated when the 'Load Data Warehouse' job executes.  This applies if you are going to run both jobs.


    See the PMO Accelerator Advanced Reporting Product Guide in the CA PPM Advanced Reporting and Database Schema Index page.



Do all the JasperSoft reports uses Data Warehouse?




Here is a list of Reports that use the PPM database (with exceptions noted)

These reports do not select the data from the data warehouse because not all the data in PPM is available in the data warehouse.


  • *Missing Time  (only the Availability hours comes from CA PPM tables, rest of report is from the data warehouse)
  • Project Change Request Register
  • Project Issue Register
  • Project Risk Register
  • User Access Rights
  • User Access Rights Detail
  • User License and Activity
  • User License and Activity Detail
  • Project Task Dependencies
  • Resource Skills (requires 'Update Business Objects Report Tables' job)



What if we are not using the Data Warehouse (DWH) yet? What configuration is still required?


If you are not using the DWH yet, you will need to configure the Entity set up to run the 'Update Business Object Report Tables' job.  If you do not run the 'Load Data Warehouse' job, when you run the 'Update Business Object Report Tables' job be sure to select all parameter options.  As noted above, the other options on the 'Update Business Objects Report Tables' job are not required if the 'Load Data Warehouse' job is executed, because both jobs will update the same tables (except for the Skills Index table).