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Oracle OID to CA Directory migration

Question asked by ckrajoli on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by neha.attrish



I am going to migrate data from Oracle Internet Directory (OID) to CA directory.


On a high level, I am trying with below steps.

1. Export schema from OID

2. Import schema into CA Directory

3. Export data from OID to an LDIF file

4. Remove userPassword for the entries in exported LDIF file and import it into CA Directory

5. Export another data file from OID with DNs and UserPassword

6. Import the password data file into CA Directory


I came across the SunOne to CA Directory migration KB article Following it, I I had successfully exported the schema from OID server, but getting some errors when converting to CA Directory DXC format with respect to OID related object classes.


Few questions:

1. Is there any KB article for OID to CA Directory migration?

2. How to migrate the password for the users from OID to CA Directory?

3. Has anyone performed this migration and if so can share implementation steps and any best practices.


Thank you.