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Need Guidence: OAuth Toolkit Installation from Policy Manager

Question asked by tonsh03 Employee on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by tonsh03

Hi Team,


Version: Policy Manager v8.3.00


I am looking at installing OAuth Toolkit from Policy Manger. I am following 'Layer 7 OAuth Toolkit User Manual v2.1.2 pdf' , as part of this document in the installation section step


  3. Select [Tasks] > Additional Items > Install OAuth Toolkit in <folder> from the Main Menu (on the browser client, from the Manage menu). The <

folder> is the location of the OAuth folder from step 2. The OAuth Toolkit Installer dialog appears.


Issue: I am not able to locate  'Additional Items' as part of Task menu. I am missing something over here? Am I referring to the right installation document?




Kindly advice.



Shashank T