Release of CA SSO 12.52 SP1 CR2

Discussion created by AaronBerman Employee on Jul 23, 2015
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The CA SSO (SiteMinder) team is happy to announce the release of 12.52 SP1 CR2. This maintenance release provides fixes, third party library upgrades and new certifications for the CA SSO solution.


• More than 90 reported issues across CA SSO product components (Policy Server, agents, etc.) have been addressed in this cumulative release.


• In addition to the fixes, this release upgrades third party libraries including release of:

OpenSSL 1.0.1o

Apache 2.4.12

Tomcat 7.0.59

Data Direct Driver 7.1.5


• Roughly 25 different combinations have been added to our platform support matrix including certifications for WAOP with Java 1.8, IIS and Apache 2.4 on Win 2012 R2, and RHEL Apache on RHEL 7. The complete updated PSM is available at: https://support.ca.com/phpdocs/7/5262/5262_SiteMinder_12_52_SP1_Platform_Support.pdf


This release has been on the CA SSO fix roadmap (https://support.ca.com/phpdocs/7/5262/5262_fixstrategy.pdf) as end of Q3 release. The CA SSO development team has been able to deliver early within Q3.

Downloads are available @ https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/anonymous/phpdocs?filePath=0/5262/5262_fixindex.htmlless