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Can we  have DATABASE CHANGE MONITORING  for Postgres ?

Question asked by shamal96 on Jul 23, 2015
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Testing with  following  config info:



<datasource-instance name="Postgres" type="database" version="8.0" driver="org.postgresql.Driver" driverClasspath="C:\\Temp\\tomcat6044\\wily\\postgresql-9.2-1004.jdbc41.jar" url="jdbc:postgresql://" username="******" password="*******" isClearText="false">



  SELECT, apm_agent.host_name, apm_agent.creation_date FROM public.apm_agent;


  <schedule type="repetitive" interval="10" unit="min" />



NOTE: query is to list agent list in the cluster. it is tested  query.







- state.dat

is populated  time stamp don't change.


b. Introscope does show node but all metrics  have zero value. shows zero change.

c. debug log shows nothing. earlier it complained for bad jdbc location

d. other  change detector for  datasource like   Application Files_FSMonitor are working fine.