Web Based License Server serving licenses for versions 7.5.2 and below is having 1 hr scheduled Maintenance.

Discussion created by dovle01 Employee on Jul 24, 2015

Special Notice: Sunday 26th July 2015, 10 PM EST [ Monday 27th July 2015 7:30 AM IST] - Outage – 1 hour


During the above time, our License Server will be undergoing scheduled hardware maintenance.  There are two scenarios that will occur with this outage:


  • Scenario 1 - please note that this should NOT be a problem for any licenses that are checked out before the outage and the LISA component is NOT checked in, the LISA component will request a refresh of its license and NOT be able to see the Web Based License Server and go into a 3 day grace period and continue to work.  The LISA component will check later when the License Server is up, see its requested license is not valid and get issued a new one.  This will be transparent to you, but the issue will be noted in the respective LISA component logs.


  • Scenario 2 – any LISA component requesting a NEW license during this period will get an error that the License Server cannot be reached.  It is anticipated that the majority of these will be LISA Workstations that are attempting to sign in to start their day.  Simply wait until the maintenance window is completed and try again.


We appreciate your patience during this mandatory maintenance period.