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ca_fdEnableFields dont work

Question asked by Poyato on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by Poyato

I have a form called agendamento i have a select called cbExec with two options. In the onLoad agendamento i have the function ca_fd.js.loadAgendamento();

This function is a script in the agendamento a have this:


  loadAgendamento: function(){
   var cbExec = ca_fdGetSelectedOptionValues(formId, 'cbExec');

   //Habilita campo Execução se status for Aprovar Execução
   if ( _.request.status == 500 ){
      ca_fdEnableFields(ca_fd.formId, new Array('cbExec','dtAgendamento'));
      ca_fdDisableFields(ca_fd.formId, new Array('cbExec','dtAgendamento'));

    //toogle campos de data

  toogleScheduler :function(){
    var isScheduled = ca_fdGetSelectedOptions(formId, 'cbExec')[0];
      ca_fdShowFields(ca_fd.formId, new Array('dtAgendamento'));
      ca_fdHideFields(ca_fd.formId, new Array('dtAgendamento'));


why I can not change the value of select cbEx with the mouse and only if I use the tab key?

PS: The status of the request is 500