IDMS R19.0 z/OS: RO79685 causes behavioral change when using older SVC

Discussion created by ChrisHoelscher on Jul 29, 2015
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did anyone bring up IDMS 19.0 with an 18.5 SVC? oif course not - haha - but just in case you did (i did because i was in a hurry to get 19.0 up - and another group must perform this at our site) - ptf RO79685 changes the CVs behaviour ,,,


where as before you would get a warning message indicating you are using an outdated SVC - after application of this ptf - the CV will shut itself down oif it does not detect a 19.0 SVC installed!


just wanting to save someone out there the grief and panic I experienced - unless, of course, you ENJOY grief and panic



chris hoelscher

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